Meet Fionnuala O’Callaghan

Fionnuala, born and raised in Ireland, is deeply intuitive and connected to the rhythm of nature.

It is her privilege to support people in transforming their lives through the art and science of Feng Shui.

Fionnuala consults all over the world between USA, Europe & Ireland in Feng Shui. She is certified in Classical Feng Shui with one of the world’s top leading Feng Shui Schools, the International Feng Shui School.

She has raised two sons and the whole family enjoyed being immersed in nature with walks, surfing, swimming, sports, and horse riding.

Before truly coming into her purpose in her life Fionnuala worked for 22 years in a bank and her favourite part of that work was taking care of people which she carried forward into her role of taking care of and working with children with special needs.

Now with her sons fully grown and flying the nest Fionnuala and her husband enjoy travelling, walks in nature, gardening and some dance classes.

Most of all she enjoys serving houses and businesses with her Feng Shui wisdom and loves hearing the success stories from her clients.

FIONNUALA O’Callaghan Certified in Classical Feng Shui