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New Workshop

Feng Shui- Declutter Workshop

Saturday 29th February. The centre of light at the Bridge Mills Galway. 1pm to 4 pm
Cost: €35

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The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui works with energy, or chi, to improve the flow of positive energy in your home or workplace.

Clearing clutter is the first step towards having good Feng Shui.

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Business Consultation

Work performance and business wealth can be increased by decluttering and establishing order in your workplace.

Productive chi cannot flow if all the unnecessary items on your desk – it is blocking its movement and cluttering up your mind.

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Home Consultation

Your home may be holding you back from manifesting all you desire in your life.

Applying Feng Shui principles direct the flow of energy within your environment to support your life and help you to achieve your goals.

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The Best Experience Ever

…from a business perspective we had an excellent year. It appears that we had more [clients] this year than ever before… one of our best financial years to date.

Needless to say I credit the work you did with us in relation to Feng Shui in our house and business as a major contributory factor to this success. We are extremely grateful for this help.

Slowing down and learning to relax and enjoy each other (and our new house) is something we need to prioritise now that the pressure of the business is reducing again.

All in all we feel that things are changing in a positive manner and we are very grateful for your help.